Original music from denver, co

The Dust Stompers are a four piece Americana Fusion band based out of Denver, Colorado. Delving into the musical traditions of several generations they have mashed together bluegrass, country, blues, soul, funk, and good ol' rock and roll into a brew of audible bliss. Their high energy shows, edgy songwriting, and unmistakable swagger on stage are guaranteed to please the senses and leave the audience begging for more. 

Internet Archive

Black Mountain family reunion 7

The Dust Stompers had a great time at Black Mountain 7! Video isn't released yet, but here's the entire set from Black Mountain 6 to tide you over.

New album in the works

The Dust Stompers have started work on a new EP/Album that is due out in early 2017. Since the addition of bassist Don O'Gorman, the Dust Stompers have moved in a new direction, focusing on laying down deep, funky grooves that you can dance to, and this is what they are looking to capture with the new recordings.

side projects

Most of the members of the Dust Stompers are involved with other projects as well.

    El Huracán - Mitchell Ryan solo
  • Jimmy Curtis - Jimmy Curtis solo
  • Babywood Hatbox - Jimmy Curtis, Brian Rempel, Mitchell Ryan, Jen Fagan Archer, Jamie Archer
  • Colfax Slim - Brian Rempel, Rex Moser, Michael May
  • Mr. Charlie - Don O'Gorman, Nick Hutchinson, John Goren

now booking shows

The Dust Stompers are currently booking shows in and around the Denver/Boulder area. Contact us on Facebook with any questions or to book us at your venue.