Jeremy Reffel
Jeremy Reffel has played lead guitar for many years with a few projects before forming the Dust Stompers with friend and bandmate Mitchel Ryan. His energetic lead guitar work and soulful songwriting is a large part of the Dust Stompers' sound. After the breakup of the Blacktooth Rounders, Jeremy decided to start another project and go in an electric direction. While keeping much of the same material, it was to be reworked into an electric band and reinvented the sound of many of his old songs.  
  Mitchell "El Huracán" Ryan plays rhythm guitar in the Dust Stompers, and has played guitar for many years in various projects including the Blacktooth Rounders with Jeremy. After the disolution of the band, Mitchell joined Jeremy in forming the Dust Stompers. Mitchell's edgy guitar playing and adventurous song writing adds an element of boldness that is uncomparable. Mitchell also stays busy outside of the Dust Stompers with his solo act, El Huracán.
Mitchell Ryan
Brian Rempel
Brian Rempel has been playing drums for most of his life. His style is greatly influenced by Jazz artists such as Dave Weckl, and in recent years Improvisational jam band drummers such as Jon Fishman and Kris Myers. Brian joined the Dust Stompers in 2012, when Jeremy and Mitchell decided to move in a different direction and go electric. He stays busy in the local music scene and plays with a few other bands in the Denver area including Colfax Slim, Goodnight Freeman, and Babywood Hatbox.  
  Don O'Gorman joined the Dust Stompers soon after moving to the Denver area from Baltimore. Don has helped the Dust Stompers go in some new directions, musically speaking, and the addition of some funky low end is a welcome change. Don is also busy playing with a few other projects in the Denver area including Mr. Charlie, a Grateful Dead cover band.
Don O'Gorman
Jimmy Curtis
When the Dust Stompers first started working together as a new project, they needed a bassist. Jimmy Curtis, a former member of the Backtooth Rounders, was asked to fill in. A guitarist primarily, Jimmy was happy to apply his skills to the bass, and joined the Dust Stompers for over a year as the bassist. A true showman, Jimmy helped the band expand thier repertoire, and added some of his own songs to the mix. Jimmy decided to part ways as a permanent member to focus on his solo act, but sits in with the band frequently on guitar.